Dr.-Ing. Ali Jannesari

Head of Multicore Programming Group


Office: S4|14 3.1.06
Mornewegstraße 30
64293 Darmstadt

Phone: +49 6151 16-23052
Fax:     +49 6151 16-23050
Email:  jannesari@cs.tu-darmstadt.de


Short Biography

Ali Jannesari is head of the Multicore Programming Group at the Laboratory for Parallel Programming, TU Darmstadt.

His research focuses on program analysis, parallelism, deep learning and software engineering. In the context of Multicore Programming, he is actively working on: (1) parallelism discovery & auto-tuning, (2) automated testing & debugging, and (3) software engineering for parallel systems. Before moving to Darmstadt, he was a junior research group leader at the German Research School for Simulation Sciences and a Principal Investigator at AICES graduate school of RWTH Aachen University.

Ali holds a Habilitation degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Darmstadt. He received a PhD degree in Computer Science from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and a M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Stuttgart.


Technische Universität Darmstadt
Department of Computer Science

Laboratory for
Parallel Programming

Office: S4|14 3.1.11
Mornewegstraße 30
64293 Darmstadt

Phone:+49 6151 16-21636
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