The Laboratory for Parallel Programming is a member of various communities that combine expertise from many research institutions towards progressing the state-of-the-art in parallel computing.

EESI 2 – European Exascale Software Initiative 2

The constant growth of generated data - Big Data - and computing capabilities of extreme systems lead to a new generation of computers composed of millions of heterogeneous cores and expected to provide Exaflop performances around 2020. The successful first European Exascale Software Initiative (EESI 1) federated the European community, built a preliminary European cartography, vision and roadmap and served as the European voice on the international level. In the follow-up project, EESI 2, we go one step further towards implementation by establishing a European structure to gather the European community and by providing periodically cartography and roadmaps and dynamic synthesis and recommendations.

More information: project website
Contact: Felix Wolf

VI-HPS – Virtual Institute High Productivity Supercomputing

Initially funded by the Helmholtz Association, the mission of the Virtual Institute - High Productivity Supercomputing is to improve the quality and accelerate the development process of complex simulation programs in science and engineering that are being designed for the most advanced parallel computer systems. For this purpose, eleven partners in Europe and the US are developing and integrating state-of-the-art programming tools for high-performance computing that assist domain scientists in diagnosing programming errors and optimizing the performance of their applications. Besides the purely technical development of programming tools, the virtual institute also offers training workshops with guided hands-on training in the effective use of the tools.

More information: project website
Contact: Felix Wolf





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